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Posted February 27, 2013

This property, which includes a beautiful house on top of a hill and 23.5 acres located in Silver City, New Mexico, is an astronomer's dream come true with its dark skies.  If you're looking for dark skies properties for sale, please take a look at our website and slideshow below. We loved living in this house, but I have had to move to Colorado, so it is for sale.

FYI, this property is for sale by owner; no realtor will be involved if you contact me through this website.

Location in New Mexico (NM):

  • Near Silver City, New Mexico at 6200 ft. elevation – this is 15 degrees cooler in the summer than Tucson (which is 3 hrs. away).
  • Some of the darkest skies in the U.S., where the Milky Way is so bright, it literally casts your shadow!
  • Silver City is the home of Western New Mexico University, and has dozens of art galleries.  It borders on the first designated wilderness area on Earth(!).  With over 3,300,000 acres, the Gila Wilderness/National Forest contains more publicly owned land than any other national forest outside of Alaska.
  • 6200 ft. elevation, which keeps it comfortable in summer; mild winters with only a few inches of snow

Property (Real Estate) Details:

  • 3100 sq. ft. white stucco, single story southwestern contemporary design
  • Open floor plan with lots of windows
  • 23.5 acres on a hilltop with a 360 degree view of high prairie and surrounding mountains
  • 180 degree view from patio encompasses over 1000 sq. miles with not a single house in sight
  • Breathtaking view of Mt. Cook (starting at the entry foyer) through windows at rear of house
  • 1000 sq. ft. partially enclosed native stone patio in rear
  • 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths
  • Master bedroom has floor-to-ceiling bay window with fantastic view + walk-out glass door to rear patio
  • Master bathroom has 5x8 ft. shower room and large jetted tub
  • over 400 sq. ft. of tile flooring
  • Laundry room with sink
  • Walk-in pantry
  • 3 walk-in closets
  • Large 2 car attached garage
  • Roll-off roof observatory with view to southern horizon

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This property is unique real estate situated on 23 acres, under dark skies. 

This beautiful house for sale by owner, located just north of the Granite Gap astronomy community, is a piece of real estate in southwest New Mexico. The property is just 3 hours from Tucson, is located just outside Silver City, NM and is unique among dark skies properties for sale.  It sits on top of a hill, and boasts an incredibly dark sky, a dream if you enjoy astronomy and plan to use a telescope to view the dark skies.  The property includes acreage - 23 acres of undisturbed beautiful landscape, in a 360 degree view from all angles of the house.  Since I am an amateur astronomer, I built an observatory with a roll-off roof, which sits just a few yards from the house, and with the dark skies, I am able to view millions of stars and hundreds of galaxies. There is an abundance of wildlife that will come onto the property, including deer, foxes, rabbits, and of course, many lizards.  The weather is 15 degrees cooler than Tucson, due to the 6200' elevation. 

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